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Out on the Ocean – Live

– 2022
Dag Westling
Gideon Andersson
Esbjörn Hazelius
Staffan Lindfors

Sea shanties, songs of emigration, love
ballads and tales of epic adventures
at sea provide the flavour for this salty
and tar scented concert combining Irish
and Scottish songs and tunes with the
Atlantic Ocean as a backdrop.

No booklet included! We intend to provide the lyrics and background info of the songs from the album on our home page soon, as it says on the cd cover. We apologize for the shortcoming not having provided with this additional material yet!

  1. General Taylor
  2. The Lady Leroy
  3. Out on the Ocean/ The Cliffs of Moher/ Stan Chapman’s Jig
  4. Northwest Passage
  5. The Bonny Ship the Diamond
  6. South Australia
  7. Farewell to Erin/ The Boys of Malin
  8. The Handsome Cabin Boy
  9. The Hog Eye Man/ The Full-Rigged Ship
  10. Sweet Dublin Bay
  11. When the Tide Comes In/ Bantry Bay
  12. The Press Gang
  13. Up In the Air/ Billy Brocker’s Ah, Surely!
  14. Farewell to Nova Scotia

Quilty 25

– jubileumsalbum 2018
QUILTY FIRAR 25 ÅR och vi låter denna cd bli vår egen tidsmaskin med vilken vi reser tillbaka för att minnas alla musikaliska möten och hylla er – vår publik, som hängt med oss under åren!
Vi har här vaskat fram guldkornen, däribland många Quilty-klassiker, från en mängd tidigare outgivna live- och studioinspelningar. Vi hoppas att ni ska bli lika glada som vi är över denna cd … !
  1. Wild Mountain Thyme
  2. The Lark In the Morning
  3. Belfast Hornpipe
  4. As I Roved Out
  5. Give Us A Drink Of Water – slip jig
  6. Barrett´s Privateers
  7. Ye Jacobites By Name
  8. Whiskey In the Jar
  9. Only Our Rivers Run Free
  10. The Quarrelsome Piper – hornpipe
  11. Donkey Riding
  12. Spancil Hill
  13. The Wren´s Nest – jigs
  14. The Blacksmith
  15. Fiddle reels
  16. The Irish Rover
  17. Mc Auliffe´s Polkas
  18. Bodhran Solo
  19. The Wild Goose
  20. The Pipe On the Hob – jigs
  21. I Wish I Was In England
  22. Duelleing Banjos
  23. Botany Bay
  24. Dingle Regatta


Apples in Winter

– 2015
Dag Westling
Gideon Andersson
Esbjörn Hazelius
Staffan Lindfors – kontrabas
Magnus Zetterlund – mandolin
  1. Blackbirds and Thrushes
  2. Two Sisters
  3. Apples in Winter – jigs
  4. The Wild Goose
  5. Te Creel
  6. Boys Of the Lough – reels
  7. In My Prime
  8. Horo Johnny
  9. A Punch in the Dark – reels
  10. The Diggers
  11. The Captain´s Lady
  12. Rights Of Man – hornpipes
  13. Charming Betsy

I’m Here Because I’m Here

– 2001



Dag Westling
Gideon Andersson
Esbjörn Hazelius
Staffan Lindfors – kontrabas


  1. Ye Jacobites By Name
  2. St Patrick Was A Gentleman
  3. Ballydesmond – polkas
  4. I Wish I Was in England
  5. I´m Here Because I´m Here
  6. The pipe on the Hob – jigs
  7. Spancil Hill
  8. Mist Covered Moutnain – jig/reel
  9. Tipping it up to Nancy
  10. Botany Bay
  11. Barrett´s Privateers
  12. The Musical Priest – reels
  13. Follow Me Up to Carlow
  14. The Ramling Irishman
  15. Nocturne

A Drop of Pure

– 1995

Dag Westling
Gideon Andersson


  1. The Road to Knock – reels
  2. Paddy Works On the Railway
  3. As I Roved Out
  4. The Rocky Road to Dublin
  5. I Will If  Can – jigs
  6. Home Boys Home
  7. Liverpool Hornpipe – hornpipes
  8. The Lark In the Morning
  9. The Dark Eyed Sailor
  10. I Tell Me Ma
  11. The Star Of the County Down
  12. Belfast Hornpipe
  13. The Hooligan Jig
  14. Junior Crehan´s – reels
  15. The Blacksmith
  16. Paddy´s Green Shamrock Shore
  17. The Piper´s Chair – jig
  18. Sailor´s Hornpipe
  19. Foggy Mountain Breakdown
  20. Duelling Banjos